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I am happy to announce that the Windmore Foundation for the Arts 2012 Anthology is available on Amazon and Kindle.For me personally this was a great creative experience from submission selections to cover design to editing. I learned so much and I am pleased to have been part of this creative endeavor.

Book Description:

This 2012 anthology, Words Across Time, is a celebration of twenty years of creative writing by members of the Windmore Foundation for the Arts. For months the writers from Pen-to-Paper submitted their poems, stories, and essays to the anthology committee. It was difficult to select from such amazing talent. The anthology team chose the submissions that touched us by making us think, laugh, or cry.

To complete the journey through time, selections from three other Windmore anthologies were used to represent previous years. Those books are: Windmore Writers’ Anthology, 1992; Touching the Heart, 1996; and Images in Ink, 2010. The authors from those anthologies are pleased that their work is still recognized as relevant. 

The artists of Windmore contributed beautiful, original art work inspired by stories in the book. Literature and art together add charm to this publication.”

Another book for your holiday wish list. Enjoy. Judith


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