Holistic Sustainability Classes

Tea Talk

What is an herbal tea? Are all teas considered herbal? How do black, green and white teas fit into the world of herbal teas? For this presentation tea blends will be offered giving the participants the opportunity to taste some of the common plants found in our gardens.

Gardens and Meadows

This presentation looks at the history of lawns and their sustainability costs and compare that to the regenerative aspects of more natural landscapes. A variety of plants including garden beauties, common weeds, shrubs and trees and their edible and medicinal values will be highlighted.

The Role of Herbalism in Western Medicine

In the world of holistic medicine, herbs are discussed, chosen, and used with a degree of success. What is an herb? What are the roles of herbs in everyday health planning? This presentation will focus on practical advice for the place and use of herbs, types of products available and how to safely use them with the goal of supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Sustainable Landscaping

How to decrease lawn, create edible landscapes while conserving water, soil, and improving biodiversity. We look at sustainable and non-sustainable practices that affect water, soil quality and practical ways to improve our personal yards.

Partnering With Nature A Holistic Venture

This presentation focuses on the intelligence in nature and how we can reconnect with nature to reclaim land spaces or utilize our own land in such a way that we recognize the intelligence that exists in nature. Nature is governed by holistic principles. Critters have the same basic needs as we do: Habitat, water, food, air and shelter. Gardening in sustainable ways not only brings healing and health to air, soil and water but contributes to our healing as well.

Understanding Holistic Modalities and Their Role In Complementary and Alternative Medicine

There are so many modalities that fall in the CAM category. This presentation describes a few of them and how they fit into the medical model for health and healing. We discuss licensed practitioners and some specific modalities often prescribed under this umbrella of specialties and practices with the ultimate goal of being better consumers and caretakers of our health and healing.

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