Judith Dreyer

MS, BSN, Consultant, Speaker

A Master Gardener and teacher with over 20 years’ experience developing workshops and classes, speaking and writing about holistic health, edible and medicinal plants, dreams and more. She has degrees in Nursing and Nutrition Science and has taught Holistic Health Studies and Nutrition Science at both university and college level. Judith has traveled a wheel of diverse learning and experiences.

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Here’s my scheduled events: Speaking engagements including Master Gardener Programs, Garden Clubs, corporate and other venues. Also, my podcast series: Holistic Nature of Us highlighting my featured weekly guest, date of release including transcripts are listed for easy access.


Dream Class

I am so excited to offer this new program, Dream Navigation, Online Class. As a dream navigator, I offer to be a guide as you find your way in and through your dreams with respect and honor for your process. We need each other, our creativity to solve important issues and to fulfill our Soul’s purpose. Dreams do come true.


At The Garden's Gate

At the Garden’s Gate is the story of one woman’s personal journal in creating a meadow, when going “green” wasn’t an everyday word. As the author follows her passion to learn about medicinal and edible plants, a meadow evolves that supports growth—both natural and personal. During this process, she reconnects with her Native American heritage, learning the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and its teachings. This is a story of partnership with the land, a story of personal discovery and love of nature. Stories—our personal narratives– have meanings on many levels. Using story in the ancient ways of her Native American elders, the author offers insight, wisdom and means—an impetus– to create connections with nature in our daily lives. We are on the cusp of creating a new Earth, one of collaboration, of cooperative effort that recognizes our hearts. One our soul can align with. The garden becomes our centering place. It beckons us through a gate of new understandings and growth. The garden’s gate offers us a doorway into our deeper self. The garden’s path offers a way to remember and to be with self, in stillness, meandering onto unknown pathways that can twist and turn but are filled with such beauty. For that is who we are, co-creators, one with all of creation.


“Beautiful and thoughtfully written, At the Garden’s Gate traces a woman’s inner journey as she creates a wildflower meadow.  The meadow becomes a teacher, a metaphor for life, and a calling.   Tucked within the pages of this magical book are threads of gold; poems, quotes, meditations, and ceremonies one can use in one’s own garden.  And also, sound and practical instructions for creating a wildflower meadow.”

~ Rosemary Gladstar, author and herbalist from her wildflower meadow in Vermont.


At the Garden’s Gate is a beautiful journey through one woman’s life of inner and outer exploration with an emerging meadow as her guide. Judith’s use of the Medicine Wheel of Truth and the plants that make each truth come alive serves not only as a physical framework but as a spiritual anchor as she discovers the truth of her own being. As I read this book I felt the plants and landscape reaching out encouraging me to stop mowing and a breath of inspiration blew through me. Thanks to Judith Dreyer and her heart-felt story for filling me with excitement to co-create a meadow landscape where my favorite plant friends can flourish.”

~ Pam Montgomery, author, educator, herbalist and nature evolutionary.

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