Dream Classes

Journey Into The Land of Dreams

We have a rich inner landscape that often goes untapped. Dreams provide us with guidance. Whether storytellers, actors, writers, artists or someone looking to tap into their own creativity for answers on life’s journey, this program is for you! We’ll explore techniques for remembering our nighttime dreams, our inspirations and capturing guidance that brings us into our deep Self using the Lightening Dream technique.

(This is an overview of Navigating Your Dream World))

Creating Our New Story

We are in a challenging time, an intense vibrational time and pattern of living on this planet. Tremendous changes have occurred. We recognize that we have not been good stewards of this planet. This presentation offers content and related meditation work to deepen our inner journey. What is our heart telling us? How can we work to create a more sustainable community where we fell honored again? The workshop uses a four direction format, compass of learning, for a thought provoking and intriguing adventure.