Navigating Your Dream World


Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean and how understanding your dream time can help with your day to day life?


Dreams are not just about our nighttime journeys but are more encompassing than you can ever imagine. Our Dreamtime, broad and expansive, is a dynamic part of who we are and how we operate here.

They come to guide us, warn us, help us go deeper into who we are, all part of a destiny. Did you know that Dreaming is part of our personality make-up?

But how do we understand our dreams and their symbols, the complexities of our Dream World? Western society does little to acknowledge that we dream. Unless one is in therapy, this part of us is left untended.

My Dream Classes

I offer three services that will contribute to your understanding of your dreams and how you can bring their meaning and gifts into the everyday world.

Dream Classes

“How to Navigate Your Dream World”

These sessions will give you the tools to begin your journey and excite your
imagination. Dream sharing is a part of every class, and you will learn an easy but profound technique to capture the meaning and essence of your Dreaming and create practical action. You will walk the four directions and capture the essence meant for you through exercises and dream sharing.

Dream Consultations

These private sessions are focused on you and your dreams. We will use a simple technique that honors you, the dreamer, and offers keys that you can accept or reject. We all have our orientation to places, people, objects, symbols that are unique to each of us.

As we uncover their meaning, insights follow. We conclude the session with a discussion on an appropriate action step. Appropriate action helps to bring the essence of the dream into everyday life in practical ways.

Oracle Cards - Own Your Own

Sometimes we need a bit of guidance. I have used Oracle cards for years and with honor and respect, they have given me great insight into my process. They are fun, insightful, and engage us to look deeper or to view something differently. Sometimes they give us the confirmation we seek for any of life’s challenges.

I hold a sacred space for you and see myself as a messenger on your behalf using cards I designed. These cards incorporate my experiences using Seven Directions that help you with your process and honor your sacred journey. Got a question? Contact me today.


What Others Are Saying

“I really enjoyed taking the dream workshop. Judith provided me with the navigational tools and information necessary to assist me in working with dreams from a perspective of empowerment and enlightenment. I appreciated her personal input and experience in working with dreams. Thank you Judith.”