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You can find me and my work on various websites and programs. Here is a sample of my work from different sources.


Healing with Our House Plants

Hosted by Mindalia TV

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Dan Blanchard, one of my guests on “the Holistic Nature of Us”, invited me to join him for a lively discussion along with Mira, a Mandalia TV host about the true value of house plants.


WHUS Radio at Uconn with Eaglemoon Raes (Audio Clip)

Soul Sessions with Solstice: What are dreams are telling us: Interview with Rita McRae.

Garden Groove with David Tesselt

Creating Our New Story - Hosted by Chris Salem

Garden Talk with Gail Reynolds


Words Across Time Contributor



Nature Teaches

Blog Interview

2015 Women's Day Poem


Practical Talk time with Uma Kumar (Video)

Time for Healing with Marion Porter: The Dreamtime (Video)

Healing with Our House Plants (Video)

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