Introducing: MediMindful Moment: Podcast

Hi Everyone, I have enjoyed interviewing folks from all over our country sharing their stories and journey with all of you. Today I am honored and delighted to introduce you to a new podcast I am producing and cohosting titled: MediMindful Moment brought to you by Cloud9 Online:

My team and I are passionate about making a difference, providing solutions to the challenges we face today. We hope you are inspired and incorporate a mindful moment in your daily life. It’s easy: simply breathe in… and breathe out.

Cloud9 Online is a digital health and wellness company that helps strengthen relationships between organizations and the individuals they serve by creating beautiful mindfulness meditation apps, customized to the client’s brand and tailored to the issues that are unique to the client’s stakeholders. The Cloud9 mindfulness platform combines machine learning & mobile technology with “Medical Grade” guided meditations tailored to specific conditions, to improve mental and physical wellbeing, strengthen the sense of connection, and inspire a culture of self-care. At Cloud9 Online, “Medical Grade” reflects an ongoing commitment to the optimization of mediations through clinical trials and a Medical Grade process which includes a 7-step proprietary rubric that was co-created with medical providers.

Episode Highlights:

  • Henry explains that MediMindful moments are about people being mindful at the moment. (1:04)
  • Henry shares that the current environment we are experiencing due to COVID-19 allows us to also be part of the mindful minute, mindful moment, and mindful second. (1:31)
  • Judith mentions that their focus on sharing the Cloud9 MediMindful Moment is about mindfulness and daily practice. (2:10)
  • Jeff shares that this podcast is dedicated to helping not only the audience but also everyone recording this podcast, to share more mindful moments. (2:31)
  • Jeff explains the mindfulness exercise called The Four Questions. (3:14)
  • How do Jeff and Henry apply mindfulness practices within their daily lives? (5:09)
  • Jeff and Henry share a little bit about their background and their roles at Cloud9. (5:28)
  • Henry shares that they started a clinical trial, for managing pain and reducing opioids, at Hartford Hospital. (6:05)
  • Henry mentions that part of his job is to think about how to achieve mindfulness and meditation in as many ways possible, and research shows that three out of four people would do meditation if their doctor recommends it. (7:20)
  • Jeff shares that he’s been practicing mindfulness-based meditation for many years and he’s the Chief Mindfulness and Marketing Officer at Cloud9. (8:38)
  • Jeff explains that mindfulness and marketing go hand in hand and the way he applies mindfulness in his daily life is more than simply meditation. (9:20)
  • Jeff mentions that practicing mindfulness, moment to moment improves your life. (9:44)
  • What is Judith’s role at Cloud9 and how mindfulness plays a part in her daily life? (11:44)
  • Judith shares that she’s passionate about anything that’s regenerative and sustainable in a holistic model, and she’s a practitioner of it as an educator, a writer, and a producer of her show. (11:50)
  • Judith mentions that she has a nursing background, and they offer meditations that address a variety of medical conditions, such as cancer, PTSD, and more. (12:38)
  • What are Jeff and Henry’s thoughts about the title, and what does it mean for the work that they’re doing? (13:17)
  • Henry mentions that you can download the MediMind app on the App Store or Google Playstore, and it has well over 450 meditations available. (13:40)
  • How do they envision the world-changing with more mindful moments? (15:16)
  • Jeff shares that mindfulness is about increasing the sense of connection between us and something larger and mindfulness is also about reducing isolation. (15:41)
  • How do they apply mindful moments in their daily lives? (17:30)
  • Jeff mentions that one of his heroes is a Zen Monk from Vietnam named, Thích Nhất Hạnh. (17:51)
  • Jeff shares how he uses the breath to deal with anger. (18:55)
  • Henry mentions that he would like to encourage everyone to go for a walk with their dog in the woods, and just see the blue sky and the clouds. (20:24)
  • Judith mentions that she has her practices in the morning that she loves doing, and it keeps her centered and grounded. (21:31)

Key Quotes:

  • MediMindful practices such as meditation, grow our ability to quiet the inner critic and allow us to be present in the now by creating space wherever we are, and of course, we’re seeking kindness and peace as we go about our daily life.” – Judith Dreyer
  • “What we typically do is we move through a mindfulness exercise that is designed to help us become mindful at the moment with our breath and hold intensities, emotions, thoughts, feelings, sensations that we experienced during the day in a gentle awareness in order to be more at peace.” – Jeff Nelder
  • “We try to think about ways that truly we can change the world and think about what an awesome opportunity that provides, so we’ve been looking at meditation as a way to help people in all different parts of their life.” – Henry Edinger
  • “If people shared a moment where they reduce their depression which is rumination over past events, reduce their anxiety which is rumination over future events, and were able to become present at the moment which is the ultimate expression of mindfulness, which is where all creativity and inspiration exists and sharing that together.” – Jeff Nelder

Resources Mentioned:



Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Meet Sara Daves, Conflict Resolution Facilitator




Description: Sara Daves shares a heartwrenching yet incredible story that demonstrates how unexpected life events shape us. Together we talk about how we can learn, grow, thrive, and become more through seemingly incomprehensible circumstances. I can’t tell you more except to say that Sara is articulate and clear about her journey.

Today she is an Intuitive Purpose Coach, helping clients to clarify their true life’s purpose so they can step into their authenticity and manifest the magnificent life that is waiting for them. She relates the depths of her programs and encourages us to be daring, step into the unknown. Don’t wait.

Sara is also a conflict resolution facilitator, helping others resolve their internal and external conflict at the core so they can heal their wounds and experience supportive, loving relationships.

We are in a time of social unrest, seeking solutions to centuries-old paradigms that need to shift for the benefit of ourselves on this planet.

Inspiring and wise, I encourage you to go to her website and check out her programs:

Transcript: Sara Daves 


Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: A Summary: Organizations That Contributed to Listener Enrichment

Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: A Summary: Organizations That Contributed to Listener Enrichment




I am excited to share with you a summary of the many organizations reflected in many of these podcast interviews. Dedicated folks, a part of organizations that seek ways to help with climate change, be a messenger for solutions each in their own way. They inspire and give me hope that when each of us contributes however big or small the step, we make a difference. Join me now for a summary of their mission and their talents. I enjoyed making this summary because each one reminds me that passion, doing what we love, taking a chance, looking outside the box is invigorating and rewarding.

Transcript: organizations

Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: To Read is to Explore, Evolve, Embrace and Emerge: Part 2





My guests for this podcast series come from many locations and offer so many resources. I hope you enjoyed Part 1 which summarized 10 books mostly in the sustainable agriculture field whether home garden, farm, or ranch. Today’s podcast summarizes 10 more books, some fiction, non-fiction, one for children, and one for teens. And don’t forget to play. Linda Wiggen Craft, one fo my first guests, is a garden designer and artist. She offers unique mandalas to color, another form of meditation. The transcript below contains the list of books mentioned in this podcast. Most are available through Amazon or their websites.

Again, we hope you will share your favorites, what you liked, and/or found useful. Authors love to know if their creative works touched someone. We spend time choosing our words, describing a concept or a scene. We want our words to carry our message to you, inspire you in some way, even bring in a breath of hope more clearly. My guests, their work, efforts, and outreach tell me that we are making a difference though sometimes it’s hard to see the evidence. We’ll pass your comments on to them too.

To conclude: for me, “Reading is a form of prayer, a guided meditation that briefly makes us believe we’re someone else, disrupting the delusion that we’re permanent and at the center of the universe. Suddenly (we’re saved!) other people are real again, and we’re fond of them”. —George Saunders
Enjoy. Judith
Transcript: Podcast Part 2 Books 

Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: To Read is To Explore, Evolve, Embrace and Emerge: Part 1




Reading opens doors not only to our imagination but prods our inner worlds. We travel to unfamiliar landscapes. We explore new ideas, creative thoughts, and learn. Hopefully, we evolve within ourselves too, relating to the human condition through stories both fact and fiction. And lastly, we can emerge changed. We use our inner senses to feel and know the heart of things, the trials, and the suffering.  Some even ask us to question more.

Through the written word we can explore, evaluate, and embrace new values, connections, and maybe expand our inner horizons so that we may make a difference in the outer world. Books! I am a bibliophile, a deep lover of books, and the power of the written word.

As producer and host of the podcast series, Holistic Nature of Us, I talk to folks all over our country, Canada, and even South Africa. I come away inspired by tireless efforts to make a difference here on our planet, one action step, one community, one organization at a time. So, I thought it would be fun to create a podcast that highlights several books from so many outstanding and inspiring guests. My listeners come from all over the US but also the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Ireland, and more. It’s truly been an exciting project.

So here goes: a podcast created in two parts. There are so many authors and books that I had to divide the list into two and create two podcasts. I hope you enjoy these summaries, why I liked them. I hope you will send us your likes and preferences too. So many of you have written comments and I am really grateful. Who inspires you? We’d love to know.  Enjoy and thanks. Judith

Listen here:

Transcript: Pod Part 1 Books Transcript

Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Meet Dr. Ashley Burkman

Description: Our immune system is a complex system consisting of several organs that are interconnected and interdependent upon each other and our whole body. My guest this week, Dr. Ashley Burkman, comes to us from the field of Naturopathy, a licensed physician discipline valid in several states in the USA. She gives her perspective and expertise on strengthening the immune system especially important as we head into the holidays. She offers a great paleo-based recipe that helps us decrease refined sugars yet satisfies our sweet tooth. Join us for the naturopath point of view that is holistically based. 

About My Guest: Dr. Ashley Burkman is a naturopathic physician at Collaborative Natural Health Partners and has been part of the team for over six years now. Her favorite part of working with this team is the strength there is in collaborating on patient care. While she treats a variety of health conditions, her particular interests are in endocrinology, gastroenterology, and autoimmune disease. 

Transcript: #37 Dr. Ashley Burkman  

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