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In this episode of Cloud 9 Online’s MediMindful Moment Podcast, co-hosts Judith Dreyer, Jeff Nelder, and Henry Edinger interview Sixcia Devine, Founder and Creative Director of Caritas Smile. Sixcia talks about the program they launched called Caritas Smile and shares her three mindfulness tips. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Judith introduces Sixcia Devine. (00:37)
  • Sixcia shares that what they do at Caritas Smile is they bring volunteers from all over the United States, travel to developing countries, and connect the volunteers on the ground with real service-learning opportunities. (1:25)
  • Sixcia mentions that Caritas Smile doesn’t only transform the lives of the volunteers, but it certainly transforms the lives of the communities they serve. (1:55)
  • Sixcia leads the mindful moment exercise. (4:53)
  • Sixcia thinks that the simple process of putting yourself in a position where you’re able to alleviate somebody’s pain and create vibrational love takes us out of the elements that we’re used to. (10:25)
  • Sixcia shares that the majority of their volunteers are from the United States. (10:49)
  • Sixcia mentions that the opportunities where you can put yourself in a position where you can help others, take you out of your own inner struggles. (12:31)
  • Sixcia shares that their program is typically a week-long, and they always include some kind of mindfulness meditation and yoga. (16:12)
  • Sixcia mentions their centering affirmation, “Today I let go of the endless need to understand everything and choose to love and embrace myself and humanity.”. (17:25)
  • Sixcia’s first mindfulness tip is to use music as a healing technique and as a mindful technique. (23:21)
  • Sixcia’s second mindfulness tip is to listen with compassion and courage to everything that’s happening in the world. (24:25)
  • Sixcia’s third mindfulness tip is breathing, feeling, and following your breath. (25:34)

Key Quotes:

  • “There’s a lot of work for us to do, but our program is 100% volunteer-based and it is truly an opportunity for people to become connected with nature, with humanity, and the purpose of our existence.” – Sixcia Devine
  • “At times, there are certain words that elicit an emotional response. So to your point, there are very powerful words, like embracing love and humanity, and we can hear it once and the feeling might come to us. But if we hear it three times, then the ability to connect that word, that content with feeling is stronger.” – Sixcia Devine
  • “When you start to see the real struggles or other struggles of other people that might be fighting poverty, that might be fighting hunger injustice, and if you extend that helping hand like, I think it changes the way you perceive life and your whole purpose in life. And I think that also helps to clarify your life’s mission.” – Sixcia Devine

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