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In this episode of Cloud 9 Online’s MediMindful Moment Podcast, co-hosts Judith Dreyer, Jeff Nelder, and Henry Edinger interview Bradford Tilden, classically trained composer, pianist, and crystal-sound healer at Crystal Music Healing. Bradford talks about the abilities of crystal healing and how music is utilized as a tool in helping people become mindful.

Episode Highlights:

  • Judith introduces Bradford Tilden. (00:39)
  • Bradford mentions that he’s working a lot in raising consciousness, expanding people’s awareness, and empowerment. (1:36)
  • Bradford leads the mindful moment exercise. (4:03)
  • Bradford thinks that his favorite modality that’s fun to play with is crystal healing. Because crystals are conscious beings and crystals have a lot of information. (11:12)
  • Bradford mentions that crystal healing has a lot of potential for charging, raising your vibration, loosening up, clearing negative energy, and expanding your consciousness. (11:28)
  • Bradford shares that engaging with the power of your voice is the most profound transformation that he’s been able to create. (12:39)
  • Bradford shares that sound has a significant force or energy expression, it can both create and destroy. (15:08)
  • Bradford mentions that music is a very powerful tool to help people become mindful or to move on from difficult times or to release emotions. (17:57)
  • Bradford shares that he’s currently working on the language of reality being understood as a quantum holographic model, where the attention of the concert, the focus of consciousness is what creates reality. (21:03)
  • Bradford mentions that the quality of sound is one of the pure essences of lifeforce in a sense. (25:58)
  • Bradford mentions that the breath is the gateway to your higher consciousness. (27:48 )
  • Bradford shares that the Amethyst crystal is significant because it’s the universal healing stone. (32:47)

Key Quotes:

  • “I always love to inspire people whenever I get the opportunity to teach people. I love seeing that flash of awakening in their eyes and it’s just a very wonderful world that I’m envisioning for all of us. And I work a lot with raising consciousness, as a whole of humanity along with Mother Earth.” – Bradford Tilden
  • “Meditation takes you out of the 3D, and crystals are multidimensional beings when you feel their energy that’s taking you out of the 3D. And I think that’s where we’re all headed. Mindfulness and being in the present moment ironically takes you out of the 3D because you become so much more aware of everything else beyond the physical.” – Bradford Tilden
  • “The sound is just everywhere. You know, just because you can’t hear it doesn’t mean it’s not producing a sort of vibration or frequency. And when you find the right frequency, you can work with it therapeutically, and your music soothes the savage beast and music helps to unlock emotions, and brings back memories.” – Bradford Tilden
  • “I believe that when you’re enlightened, you’re able to maintain that state of centered connectedness, groundedness at all times. But as humans, we oscillate and we’re looking for tools to bring us back into that state, to maybe stay in that state a little bit longer, or to have our fundamental vibration within ourselves, rise a notch and be just that little bit higher and stronger.” – Bradford Tilden
  • “Just acknowledge within yourself, that you are a being of love and light, that your intentions are pure, loving, and all that you do. And once you get to that mindfulness moment, just say I am a being of love and light and know that you’re here now and the best thing that you can do to help with all that noise is to stay positive, have a strong vibration, and share that positivity.” – Bradford Tilden

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