Description: The stars are buzzing with so many messages for this year. And, 2020 promises to be challenging and full of surprises. Agneta Borstein, a professional astrologer, talks about astrology as a science and a language. What do the planets and signs say to us this year?  Agneta believes this year is a year to implement what we believe in, the time is now. And if the winds of change blow hard, go out in nature as much as possible and support nature. There’s more. Tune in for an intriguing discussion on What’s in the Stars for 2020.

About My Guest: Agneta Borstein, is a professional astrologer, workshop facilitator, teacher, author, and shamanic practitioner who combines her thirty years of healing with a distinct and personal approach. Born in Sweden, Agneta incorporated her BA in business with metaphysics and operated an alternative bookstore for twenty-one years. She maintains her private practices in West Hartford and Avon, CT, has spoken at numerous conferences, is the current president of the Astrological Society of CT, Inc., she is the Producer and host of the astrological Nutmeg TV show “From the Sky to Earth”, and is the author of The Moon’s Nodes, Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind.

Transcript: Agneta Borstein 

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