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In this episode of Cloud 9 Online’s MediMindful Moment Podcast, co-hosts Judith Dreyer, Jeff Nelder, and Henry Edinger interview Lynne Hartwell, the Founder of L’Unique Realm. Lynne shares the benefits of several energetic healing techniques, including sound vibrational therapy, crystals, gemstones, and natural essences.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lynne shares her background. (00:53)
  • Lynne leads the mindful moment exercise. (2:36)
  • From Lynne’s perspective, what do people need to focus on in terms of their mindfulness? (5:51)
  • Lynne mentions something significant about uncertainty. (6:03)
  • Lynne shares several energetic healing techniques including sound vibrational therapy (7:43)
  • Lynne mentions the benefits of using crystals and gemstones for healing. (10:01)
  • What are a few gemstones that Lynne recommends using? (12:15)
  • Is it more effective to be in physical contact with the stones? (17:18)
  • Lynne shares how essences work with our bodies. (26:23)
  • Lynne explains the best way to transition between essences for a different vibe. (40:26)

Key Quotes:

  • “When we elevate our energy levels, when we allow ourselves to collect and calm ourselves and allow ourselves to rebalance, we’re better able to move forward and to face those challenges and to move forward past those challenges.” – Lynne Hartwell
  • “Everybody listens to music, except for those that have some hearing impairments, they can still feel the vibrations and the vibrations are felt within the body, which is a therapeutic effect in itself.” – Lynne Hartwell
  • “When you allow yourself to take the moment and allow this chemical, this plant into your body, it is not only working on you on the nervous system level, it is also slowing down your circulatory system, which then allows the promotion the release of certain chemicals that are beneficial for your body.” – Lynne Hartwell

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