We are in a fight for right to know what is in our food. The Organic Consumers Association, the Cornucopia Institute and others  remind us everyday about Prop 37 in California for right to know if our food is genetically modified. Please watch this documentary about the health issues we face that our scientists link to our adulterated food system. It is a serious issue one that affects all of us. I can relate to some of the health concerns first hand, having raised a child with leaking gut and the effort it took to reverse that situation and restore foundational health when it wasn’t popular or easy to find practitioners who had some knowledge of this problem. MD’s across the country are taking their patients off genetically modified foods as are farmers and noticing a quick improvement. I was not surprised to hear about deaths and stillbirths  that hit  herds severely when on feed or allowed to graze on sprayed or GMO  crops.

Last year I bought my then 8 year old cat some treats from the major pet brands. I noticed she gained significant weight and became aggressive and demanding to have more and more. This did not seem right as she was a cuddler and mild tempered. I took her off the treats and changed her food to a vet recommended diet. She dropped weight in 2 months (down to her normal weight of 8-9 lbs) and is now back to her normal temperament.

The weekend is coming up. Farm tours occur throughout our areas. Apple picking, pumpkin harvesting are favorite activities to do with our families. Which farms are organic? Which farms use roundup? I remind my students that each purchase we make casts a vote in  the food industry. Let’s support organic, non GMO foods.

I hope you will make time to view this documentary as it affects all of us. Judith



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