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In my last post I wrote about three amazing women of our time who have made incredible contributions to society and to me personally. November brings us to a thankful time  and I really appreciate the gifts these women continue to make.

December is here, a time of Christmas, the joy of new beginnings and gifts. We gather and share and think of others with our gifts.  I would like to focus on three men and suggest that these authors make you wish lists this holiday season.


Thomas Moore: Over the past several years I have been on a Soul quest. What is that you might ask? Well, simply put I feel we are more than flesh and bones, a mind and a heart but something more that guides us. No matter how many affirmations I do or prayers I say there seems to be something, called soul, that has the final word.  It’s the Divine source that opens doors when we least expect it. It is the synchronicities that fall into place miraculously. It is the grace that infills us during a dark time or a time when difficult decisions need to be made.

In Care of the Soul he reminds me that the “life of the soul, as the structure of dreams reveals, is a continual going over and over of the material life”. It is a process, this inner journey that never ends, like a circle. He reminds me most importantly to accept it all, to let the pot simmer a bit with all I have put in. I enjoy his reminder of the process, to embrace the deep knowing of who I am. A Life at Work, in particular, caused me to stop again, reevaluate that which moves me deeply, reset my compass and go for it.

In Dark Nights of the Soul, he brings light to our dark places, healing, and helps us walk the circle of all that we are for the dark and the light brings meaning and wisdom, creates depth. What is your daimon? How do you define, describe that which makes life meaningful in fact that which makes your life soar and feel purposeful?

Thomas Moore, I thank you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, father of eight, recovered alcoholic, whose daimon guided him to be an inspirational speaker. He took a different turn in his road, completely refocused and began a new phase of his life. I find his stories, sprinkled with humor,  inspiring and motivating. Like Thomas Moore, I hear a humility, a deep desire to be of help, a way shower I call them, to a higher order of being. To feel the extraordinary in the ordinary, to feel the divine in all of creation especially within our self. We cannot bring peace to this world unless we find peace within. We cannot love our neighbor if we loathe our self.

The inner journey, going to the depths of Soul and self with honesty, is the what makes sense to me. It can be hard, frustrating, magnificent, peaceful and mysterious. I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Alan Cohen‘s book, A Deep Breath of Life,  published in 1996, continues to inspire me. This book is 365 days of messages. I find the synchronicity of a message and its relationship to my day uplifting. He too, has studied the Course in Miracles, and shares his learning, stories and understandings in the prayer and thoughts for the day. I still pick it up sometimes randomly sometimes for the specific day and then go about my business.

Thank you Alan Cohen.

Three remarkable men out in the world offering inspiration, stories of grit and promise, prayer and hope that the world we seek is within us…it is already here and with our hearts open we can create that which we are seeking. So I hold you in my heart dear reader and know you have the courage to follow your daimon, to go on the hero’s journey called life with hope and fortitude.

May your best dreams come true. Judith

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