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unknowingly, we plough the dust of stars,

blown around us by the wind, and drink the

universe in a glass of rain.” (Ihab Hassan)




Winter is over. Spring begins. Our wheel of seasons turn, an endless cycle of birth, growth, harvest, death and rebirth. Gardens are clean, some have begun planting all in anticipation of the gifts to come.

My Native American elders taught me to give thanks this day for the blessings of winter that is ended. What gifts came in this season? Did I utilize the quiet time to mend, repair, tell and enjoy the stories? Like the bear I feel the waking up time of stretching into the sun, feeling springs breath upon my cheek, hearing the mating sounds of the birds. Daffodils and crocus bloom here before the trees dress themselves in new leaves. The wind still blows in from the northwest and contains a chill but the air is fresh and for that I am grateful.

Spring blessings to all of you.


Sharing is caring!