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April is national poetry month. I participate in a writer’s group here on Long Island. We  were asked to submit to Gallery North  in East Setauket, NY, poems on the theme: “The Art of Eating”. Our poems were hung with artwork and a poetry reading  followed. For those of you who are local the show runs through May 16th. Enjoy. Judith

How Raspberry Got Her Red by Judith Dreyer

                               Once upon a time

                          When tasks were being assigned

                             I chose the committee

                                  That set out to design,

                                          A berry.


                 We consulted the Gods

             And Zeus chose white

          Small little plumps

            Filled with juicy delight

              We named

                   The raspberry.


                        But wouldn’t you know it

                   How could we have guessed?

            The white did not last long

        On account of a handmaiden’s mess?

         Yes, Ida of Crete was careless and rash

            She pricked her fingers and caused such a gash

               Blood red liquid spilled on fingers and vine

                      The raspberry stained red, alas for all time.


                                          Now you think Gods and Goddesses

                                      Could undue this fateful decree,

                                  But red seemed perfect

                                    A reminder for mother’s to be.

                                        Eat of my fruit, drink of my leaves

                                            Dear Zeus, we have a remedy.


                                                                           What once was white

                                                                  Now deeply red


                                                                       A berry for mortals

                                                                          With heavenly


©2014. Judith Dreyer

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