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At some point we have to talk politics. I have included several sites in recent posts that have petitions ready to be sent to our lawmakers.  At the TEDX Manhattan talks I


listened to the speech of  Representative Chellie Pingree from Maine. She’s a farmer, an innkeeper, has a CSA and a politician serving her state for over 20 years. I found her talk to be inspiring on this critical subject that’s even broader than just policy. Look what the other species on this planet are showing us. Bees are dying mysteriously and pollinate a tremendous number of crops. The Monarch Butterfly’s population has drastically decreased. Where’s the food they need to sustain their long migration pattern? Milkweed sources in particular have declined as our wildlife habitat areas have declined and that decline is related to the use of introduced genetically modified seed into our food supply and pesticides on our crops.

What is the hottest trend in food today? People want sustainably grown food farms, organic, and want to know where our food is grown. Restaurants are showcasing these points on menus.The best tip though is that we can make a difference.  Watch this video for facts, figures, and a bit on the farm bill ( I liked her honesty, it’s not perfect).

Lastly, she reminds me : “Are you standing up” for better quality food, better growing practices, truthful labels, the elimination of pesticides in our crops and on our crops? Contact your representative or senator today. What aspect of our food system are you concerned about? Start there.

Watch this video, become an informed consumer who casts a vote with every food dollar we spend.

Inspiring, concise, truthful facts and it’s political.

Enjoy your day. We can make a difference.


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