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In this episode of Cloud 9 Online’s MediMindful Moment Podcast, co-hosts Judith Dreyer, Jeff Nelder, and Henry Edinger interview Craig Floyd, Farm Manager of the Giving Garden at Coogan Farm, part of the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center. Tenth-generation farmer Craig Floyd talks about connecting people to nature through working in the soil and utilizing regenerative gardening practices.

Episode Highlights:

  • Judith shares that Craig is not only the Farm Manager but also the Master Gardener, and the planner along with hundreds of volunteers that provide organic food to the New London county food banks. (00:48)
  • What is Coogan Farm, and what do Craig’s people do at the farm? (1:18)
  • Craig shares that 100% of what they grow is donated to help feed the 32,000 food-insecure people in London County. (1:47)
  • Craig mentions that as of today, they have donated over 65,000 pounds of food. (2:11)
  • Jeff proceeds with the mindful moment exercise. (4:17)
  • Craig shares that they normally have 300 to 400 volunteers. (7:12)
  • Craig mentions that a lot of different people with special needs come and benefit in so many ways because they are interacting with the soil, and microbiology in the soil. (7:26)
  • Craig shares a story about two veterans that came into his garden. (7:48)
  • Henry mentions that Craig is helping people to live a mindful life. (8:42)
  • How is Craig feeling today? (9:08)
  • What does Craig feel when he’s at the farm? (9:22)
  • Craig mentions that he received an email from Hunts Brook Farm, and they wanted to donate 300 heads of lettuce, to the Gemma Moran Food Bank in London. (9:44)
  • Craig mentions that there are local farmers who have extra harvests and donate it to the food insecure. (11:21)
  • Craig shares that there are a lot of positive results, from neighbor to neighbor, and farm to farm that people don’t know. (11:48)
  • What role does mindfulness have to play in farming and gardening? (12:14)
  • Jeff mentions that Craig presented at TED Talk. (12:25)
  • Craig shares the feeling of being able to provide food to those standing in line at the mobile food pantry. (13:27)
  • What would Craig think if more people in the world could take dedicated time each day to be with Mother Nature and breathe? (13:58)
  • Craig shares another story about a young man that came in a parachute harness. (14:29)
  • Craig mentions that nature heals people. (19:29)

Key Quotes:

  • “This is not your normal garden. This is a regenerative no-till, no-spray garden, and the food is 80% better than anything you’ve ever put your mouth on nutritionally. So it’s really good, especially for those people that are in need.” Craig Floyd
  • “To be out there in that field with people, on a hot and sweaty day, watching the dragonflies, harvesting lettuce, and taking it to the food bank and seeing the smiles on everybody’s faces. Knowing that somebody was going to get some good lettuce today.” Craig Floyd
  • “You become one with Mother Nature. People don’t understand the strength of the garden, and what the garden can do for us. Whether you’re just a 73-year-old, 10th generation farmer, or whether you’re a young teenager, with special needs, unable to verbally communicate, what a garden does for us to be in the garden, and to be growing and knowing that we’re going to give somebody a meal.” Craig Floyd
  • “You need to get outside and volunteer in a garden or just put some parsley in the ground or something. Do something with the soil. You know, we are 90% better bacterial cells, what do you think the soil is? I mean, we are the soil. It just does so much good for us. You’ve got to get out in nature, people. Take your shoes off. Just enjoy it.” Craig Floyd

Resources Mentioned:

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