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Yes I’m going to camp! Writer’s Camp NaNoWriMo. . . thirty days to write  stories, meet my goals and commiserate with other campers on the joys, the angst of writing. Cabin assignments are done, no lights out rule, no curfews, plenty of marshmallows. I’m ready.
So if my blog continues to be sporadic you’ll know I’m writing or tearing up pages or hiking or engrossed in storytelling, stargazing, dancing between the lines. I even earn a badge if I  meet my goal of

30,000 words.

Do you have a favorite camp story? My folks often had a fire going when relatives came over. Our gatherings were often 20-30 people. We had a bit of woods out back. An Uncle set up a large tent for the summer where anyone under 12 slept. When the fire finished cooking the food and the stars popped out, then the ukulele came out. Grownups sang while the rest of us brought our whittled wood sticks about 1″ in diameter to the fire. We wrapped the bottom of our stick with Pillsbury rolls, one a piece. This is tricky because in order for the roll to puff up,  the dough had to stay on the stick and if we were distracted ( which anyone under 12 knows is highly likely) the dough easily tumbled into the fire much to our dismay. If successful we pulled the puffed and cooked dough off, giggling and screaming if we burned our fingers and filled them with homemade jams or ice creams. For those of under 12 this was a culinary coupe.

Camp brings up the memories, the sounds and smells of good times, doesn’t it? Pull up a blanket, make sure the stars are shining bright and share a story or two. I enjoy hearing from you.



Sharing is caring!