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I came across this TED Talk on one of my Facebook friends feed who is an organic farmer. It’s good. Alan Lewis gives facts and figures of how we have had our food system taken over by big corporations. Today “the few” control what we eat, the way its produced, and simply have hijacked our food freedom. Our farmers lose. Today only 14% of our food dollars pay the farmer. As you can imagine a hefty amount goes to marketing and advertising. We lose too.

Alan Lewis encourages us to resist the misleading labels, advertising and promotions that we all know on some level are meant to sell us something rather than look at the underlying problems. For example, CAFO’s, Concentrated Animal Feedlots photos, ake most of us deeply saddened. Many sources show us the poor living conditions of our animals that are penned in huge feedlots and the resultant health problem and drugs needed for these populations. And sadly most of us do not want these drugs in our food.

He raises an interesting point: the food war is lost. He suggests all we can do now is resist. Sign petitions. Speak out. Boycott brands with deceptive advertising. Support organic farming in your local area. All actions we can somewhat easily put into our schedules. Pick one and begin.

I encourage you to get on Organic Consumers blog list. They are one of many watchdogs in the food industry that seeks empirical evidence to refute the many claims made by the food industry. Petitions are easy to sign on their site.

Want to understand the GMO issue with science based evidence proving GMO’s do cause problems? I highly recommend the following book:

GMO Myths and Truths from the Organic Consumers Association. It’s easy to download and it’s free. And though it is more technical and science based, the reader can easily read the talking point and view the conclusion.

Do you agree with Mr. Lewis that the food war is over and we lost?

How are you resisting misleading nutritional/product information?

I would like to hear what organizations you support. Our local farmers need us to speak up and use our food dollars wisely. As I mentioned in a previous post, Jeanne Nolan describes in detail the Chicago based city farming efforts that have produced huge results. Check out her book, From the Ground Up.

Also, don’t forget the master gardeners in your area. State Agricultural help desks are manned by volunteers to get answers to your questions. It is there for the beginner and seasoned gardener alike.

Let me know what you have been doing to resist.

Enjoy. Judith

Judith Dreyer, MS, BSN, Writer, Speaker, Holistic Health Consultant and Workshop Presenter, Master Gardener. 




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