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I have come across several authors who are encouraging us from great passion to get off the couch and help in some way. My passion as you know by now are the wild edible plants that provide food and medicine. Intertwined with this passion is my love of this place we call home, the earth. The earth needs us now more than ever to be mindful of our actions and to remember that our purchases cast a vote. Are we changing from a consumer, consuming society to one dedicated to managing our resources with care and regard for the future.? I came across a report that Brazil has cut an 8,000 acre area from the rain forests and grows grains. They are the top or one of the top growers of grains in the world. The number of species  that are removed and displaced in that quantity of land is mind boggling. This photo is an aerial view of a river in the amazon.From a distance it truly is an emerald city.

In reviewing the principles of diversity in the forest setting we see models that work. Ones that we can copy for as I said in a previous post Nature is not wantonly destructive. There is a rhythm to its seasons, cycles, patterns, and can be managed accordingly. Why is it the practices that no longer serve us remain unchanged? Nature works in circles. Yet we continue our mono crop farming linearly. We know pesticides do none of us any good yet we continue to use them.

Jean Houston in The Wizard of Us, asks us this question: ” What would our political, social, and personal lives be like if we could learn the dynamics of whole-system interliving that characterizes communities in nature? Nature is an inspired psychologist and a brilliant Social Artist to boot. For if we look at Nature’s laws, strategies, and principles, we discover that:

  • Nature runs on sunlight.
  • Nature uses only the energy it needs.
  • Nature fits form to function.
  • Nature recycles everything.
  • Nature rewards cooperation.
  • Nature banks on diversity.
  • Nature demands local expertise.
  • Nature curbs excesses from within.
  • Nature taps the power of limits.

Nature provides us with enormous potentialities and isn’t that grand? What can you do today to contribute to the solutions we need today? I encourage you to watch the movie The Wizard of OZ  more closely and see the potentials in OZ, a green city! Thank you Jean for your book on the gifts of OZ.

Enjoy your day. Judith

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