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The Wolf
Has the wolf appeared to you in your dreams? If so, what color and where did you see them? What kind of environment did they inhabit? Was the wolf with you? Coming towards you? Was it a single wolf, or did you see/sense others nearby?

Dream symbols enchant us with the unknown, with possibilities. We receive direct communication. It’s personal, free, and available to us.

Symbols come to us in the waking world too. When we pay attention and acknowledge them, it seems the outer Universe rushes in to give us more: more understanding, more synchronicities, and more opportunities to receive. The key is to acknowledge our Dreamtime and create practical action.

The wolf showed up for me when I visited the Cattaraugus Reservation in New York for the first time. It’s the home of the Seneca Nation. I met Grandmother Twylah Nietsche, the matriarch at that time, and she often reminded us that her people were from the Wolf Clan, the teachers, and the historians. She shared with us some of her clan’s teachings she titled The Cycles of Truth, one I still refer to today.

I enjoy teaching, the process of taking information and synthesizing it, creating bridges of understanding. Maybe it’s just the thrill of sharing what I have gathered, the hope to inspire, and the desire to expand.

Wolf as the teacher, meeting other teachers who gathered over that weekend sparked a desire to do more teaching. Keep in mind that I had no idea how that would play out. It would take another nine years before I started to teach at a university. You could say offering herbal knowledge to adult ed programs and teaching an herbal intensive became the starting place where I took related action that lead me to University teaching.

From my beginning journey to western New York, researching animal totems, recording nighttime and meditation experiences, and pursuing spiritual truths from several sources deepened my path. I dreamed of wolves too. One dream involved a white wolf who showed me that spirit energy was around at the gathering I attended that day. And the dream included one of my elders at that time who offered her wisdom teachings.

So the message in my latest book, Navigating Your Dream World, asks you to understand and interpret your own dream symbols. The companion journal gives you a place to follow the process and keep a record of each element and what they mean to you. I do recommend Ted Andrews’s book Animal Speak. He brings a multicultural understanding to the critter realms, which I find more comprehensive. When I look up the wolf, for example, I pay attention to what resonates with me. Not everything will, but what does resonate will usually be meaningful for the time period of the dream.

Wolves have been reintroduced into our national parks. The change in ecosystems is truly astounding and highlights the role one critter plays within the whole. A good reminder for us.
Has the wolf appeared to you recently? How so? What message did she have for you? Record your first impressions. Any stories? I enjoy hearing from you. In the meantime, sweet dreaming. Judith

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