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Hi Everyone, It’s here, it’s done and it’s available!!!

Hard to believe my book is finally written and published.

This summer my UUF had a directive to think about, discuss, write on the theme of Wayfaring. It’s a delicious concept that took us many places. What stood out in my mind is the wayfaring journey I have been on writing my first book: At the Garden’s Gate. I am so pleased to announce that it is available on and amazon and itunes so far. The hard cover and soft cover editions will be up very soon too.

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A compass helps us find our way, whether lost in the forest or using a GPS system of coordinates. As I stepped into many culture’s medical models, I was struck by how the four directions, an understanding of how we are interwoven into the fabric of nature and earth, governs us in some mystical and yet practical way. The four directions can be a compass helping us navigate through the mysterious waters we call life.  And that my friends is the nugget of my story. This blog has been about keeping plants and their gifts in our awareness. My book extends that knowing as I take you through a meadows’ wheel of learning. Now is the time to rethink our landscapes. Now is the time to act however or wherever our passions take us. Now is the time to be courageous not just for ourselves but for future generations.

My journey in writing has taken me to a bee sanctuary, edible landscapers, organic farms, master gardener demonstration gardens, and has lead me into discussions with wild food foragers. All of which created the background, fed my creative juices, and helped me fill the pages with what I hope is an inspiring message and story.

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