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Today I would like to begin a discussion on the health benefits of using herb teas in everyday life. If we can grow them ourselves or know how to forage mindfully and with respect to the environment all the better.  In general, I find my garden choices or foraged choices more potent.

Homeostasis: this is the quality or state of being where our body constantly strives for a steady internal environment.  Our body’s internal regulating mechanisms are complex and ever functioning in its minute adjustments to our blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature regulation all for the purpose of our efficient functioning in daily life. Herbs, plants wild or cultivated that are edible from our external world help us maintain the internal world of our biology. Our society seems intent on instant this or that including healing. The use of herbs in a tea form can provide us with nourishing brews that contain some of the plants key components.  Chamomile, for example, can sooth us after a hectic day. Chamomile not only soothes the spirit but soothes the digestion.  However, in general, the key components in herbs provide nourishment to key systems in our bodies that in turn keeps us going in a good way. Subtle, yet healing non the less, herbs help to keep all systems go, contributes to the homeostatic function of our bodies, psyches and our spirit. If chamomile soothes our digestion we relax. If chamomile soothes our spirit we relax more easily. We know from breath work studies and meditation studies that turning down the hecticness of a day turns down the chemical contributors to stress which hastens the aging process and causes wear and tear in the long run.

Chamomile contains an oil, blue in color thought to  contain  ingredients that reduce swelling and may limit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Many of these microscopic species live in our body. When foreign or populations naturally found within our body get out of balance, this herb in particular may be helpful in restoring balance. The oil is found in the crushed flowers and is used in aromatherapy often to help with skin issues and as an anti-inflammatory.

Chamomile is an annual and a favorite in cottage type gardens. Seeds of Change carries organic seed.

Subtle? Yes. contributor to homeostasis? Yes. Winter persists here in New England. Yet on warmer days spring clean up is under way. Do you have chamomile?  Chamomile tea, soft and pleasant brew, is a wonderful addition to the kitchen supply of teas. Small white daisy like flowers can fill a pot or fill a spot with color and scent.

Enjoy. Judith


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