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(white water-lily and its reflection)



Sitting in the stillness is a practice, a marker along the way for getting in touch with our Self. Stillness can feel awkward at first since our mind thoughts occupy and demand our constant attention. In the Buddhist tradition they refer to our mind chatter that hops from thought to thought as our “monkey mind.” It takes practice and commitment to sit quietly each day and tune out and turn off the daily world especially the daily world that replays itself in our minds. The Chopra Center offers many meditation practices I find helpful, calming and peaceful.

The water lily is found as a symbol all over the world. Its symbolic meaning ranges from unity to enlightenment, creation and creativity, universality. Its a great symbol to meditate on. As our world changes and can appear chaotic, meditation gets us to our heart and the heart of things. We connect to our Divine essence and maybe glimpse the idea, the feeling  “we are one”. Before the festivities begin can you spend a few quiet moments? Sit with a candle, soft music and allow yourself to be still. What are your dreams for 2017? What are your dreams for your self, family and the world? Feel your desires, send prayers out for others, be still for a few moments and let your Soul speak to you.

I wish to thank all my readers for their comments this year. It’s been a productive and prosperous one filled with many wonderful surprises.

May 2017 see your best dreams come true. Judith.


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