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Description: What is eco-psyche-artistry? Meet Brian Stafford, founder of Wilderness is Medicine in Ojai, California. Brian guides healthcare professionals through nature-based resiliency and visionary leadership retreats. He is a soul-guide with the Animas Valley Institute.

Eco- connect to nature

psyche – encounter a being in nature or in a dream that mirrors your soul

artistry – begin to embody your unique soul gifts in the world.

Intrigued? I am. Join us for a soul-filled discussion that brings us back into nature and our wild selves.

About My Guest: Brian Stafford, MD, MPH is a depth psychiatrist, eco-therapist, wilderness guide, retreat facilitator, poet, speaker, essayist, and agent of human and cultural transformation, and the Founder of Wilderness Is Medicine. Previously, he was an academic pediatrician, and an adult, adolescent, child, perinatal and infant psychiatrist with over 30 clinical, research, and educational publications, research and service grants of over seven million dollars, as well as many institutional, state, and national awards, including an endowed chair. He currently guides nature-based resiliency and visionary leadership retreats for healthcare professionals through Wilderness Is Medicine and non-healthcare providers with the Animas Valley Institute.
He is finishing his first book, Wilderness Is Medicine.

Transcript:  Podcast #16 Brian Stafford


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