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I am taking a leave from my usual blog themes to write about another subject I am passionate about: dreams and dreaming which I use in the broadest sense.

Dreaming, understanding the symbolic nature of nighttime dreams, our intuitive senses has pushed me to find out more. Dreaming has nagged me to go deeper and find that which I feel I came here to do. Mysteries and symbols abound leaving me more and more curious. None of this has to do with the trials of the journey but rather woke me up to contribute to the journey of life in my unique way, no matter what. Can you say the same? Do you cook, clean, paint, garden, work with gusto or are you on remote control? Yes, we experience hills and valleys. That’s normal. For me, I want to be able to face myself when this part of my soul path is complete knowing I did the best I could and shared my gifts and talents in some measure. Do you feel the same way about your life path?

Have you ever done deep inner work and emerged feeling different towards your world? Have you done deep inner work, and found you opened your eyes differently? What puts a fire in your belly? What is it you can contribute so you feel that your life is worthwhile?

Robert Ohotto and Caroline Myss, two of my favorite teachers, remind me that if I let my insecurities, my weaknesses steer the ship, then I will be operating from fate. However, once I committed to following my dreams, understanding living from a place of awakened dreaming I understood destiny. One is ego based, one is based on deep inner knowing and taking practical action.

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When I stepped into the world of shamanic dreams with, Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreams and more, I found myself feeling a spark of aliveness, a feeling of a more intimate connection with the world around me I hadn’t really felt before. My senses were sharper especially my inner senses. And, in a deep sense, I reconnected with a wilder side of my nature that was humbling yet poignant, awesome yet mysterious. I loved it

I explored the world of symbols and received many gifts that brought a feeling of magic back, something I felt long ago. I followed my dreams, both mundane and practical. One step led to another which eventually brought me to understand my gifts and talents more fully for practical action. Do I understand the purpose of my life? If I believe my life is a part of the Divine than how can I possibly know the intricate purpose of my life? Marianne Williamson says we are afraid of the power we have as a human being. I started to feel a different sense of power rise up, one that’s fueled my curiosity in ways I could not have imagined a few short years ago. Yet my life unfolds as part of the Mystery just like yours.

Brian Stafford, founder of eco-psyche-artistry and also a guide for Animas Valley Institute, my podcast guest this week, reminds us how dreaming is a part of who we are, an invaluable aspect of us as humans. He shares a beautiful poem brought forth from his inner Dreamtime work engaging us within his creative spark.

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How would you define your “wild “side?  Have you discovered aspect/s of your wild self, that part of self that engages with your life more fully, and is more fully present? How do you see fate and destiny? What path are you following?

Intrigued? Here’s the link to my ongoing online dream classes. Here we share a process for practical action from our dreaming time. Interested? Drop me a line or two. I enjoy hearing from you. Please share.

Happy Dreaming. Judith

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