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Silence. Prayer. Contemplation. Mindfulness. These practices seem to rise when we are faced with a crisis. And that’s a good thing. To reconnect with our inner selves, our inner truths. Crises tend to push us into something more.

Today we are faced with a pandemic that has rocked not only our country but the world. We face fears of our mortality and wonder why?   how this could happen? A virus that began in one country affects all of us. Whether we get sick or not I would bet that we all know someone on the front lines in some capacity whether city workers, lawmakers or first responders on any level maybe a restaurant worker, meal deliverer. Maybe you have lost a loved one. Regardless, we are all affected because more than at any other time in our history we are coming to realize we are connected.

Folks I value and teachers I follow have created prayer circles, rituals, services online to keep us connected. We are so fortunate that we have lights, the internet, heat and that our structures are okay for the most part as we deal with “sheltering” as Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen so aptly put.

I offer this prayer, Franciscan Journey_Canticle of the Creatures_Cosmic Version also known as Brother Sun, Sister Moon from St. Francis of Assisi. This version was gifted to us Rev. Br. Mark Gregory D’Alessio, this week’s podcast guest. Being grateful is holy work.

As Caroline Myss reminds us in her book, Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your soul’s Purpose: “Silence, prayer, contemplation are traditional practices. . .You do these practices in the life you have now. They will enhance your life  and the life of every person around you.”

During this pandemic, we are forced to stay home, walk in a nearby woods or forest. Whether by ourselves or with family we have some time for silence, contemplation, mindfulness, and prayer. Sending blessings, love, and deep gratitude to all of you. Remember all comments are appreciated. Judith


Sharing is caring!