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goldenrod resizedFall Classes

Healing In and With Nature: 

Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm

Saturday September 12th 10-1 pm: Wolcott, Ct

Gardens and meadows, forests and waterways provide a rich and vast array of nutrients, medicine and magic. How many of us feel at peace and more centered, grounded even, when in our gardens, or on a hike in the nearby forests? How many of us are saddened by the misuse of our lands, and waterways and/or troubled by the rate of species disappearing?

This presentation will focus on the intelligence in nature and how we can copartner with nature to reclaim land spaces or utilize our land spaces in such a way that consciously acknowledges this intelligence. We are holistic beings. Nature too is governed by holistic principles. Gardening and caretaking our landscapes in sustainable ways not only brings healing to air, soil and water quality but to ourselves as well.

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Lawns Into Meadows: October 5

Vernon, Ct at Uconn Ag Station:

Lawns consume tremendous amounts of resources. Meadows repair soil and prevent erosion, are drought resistant, support abundant wildlife species and even provide edible and medicinal plants. Meadows provide diversity, and that diversity contains a sophisticated set of checks and balances that create and embody holistic relationships among its components. This program will focus on easy steps to turn a portion of lawn into wildflower landscape. Five plants will be highlighted for their edible uses.

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Spirit Matters: Manchester, CT

October 13 8:15- 7:45 pm: Dreaming with the Muse

October 27: 7:15-8:45 pm Partnering with Nature

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Book: At the Garden’s Gate available at all esites. Amazon, B&N, Kobe

Local: Willimantic Food Coop, Willimantic, CT   Red & White, Tolland Green Tolland, Ct

Nature’s Grocer, Vernon, Ct      Thistle Glass shop, Ellington, Ct

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