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 Syntropy in Farming


Organic Consumer Association posted this short video on syntropy, working with the natural order of nature to reclaim waste land in productive healing ways.

Syntropy is defined as:” a formation of  a series of similar parts having the same orientation”

This film demonstrates how we can produce the food we need by following nature’s example. The farmer highlighted, is showing us in concrete and scientific ways, how these practices promote soil regeneration, water conservation and in general,  demonstrate abundant renewal from what appears to be wasted land. His forest rebuilds soil, which holds water better and actually increases rainfall to that area!

The other day I listened to Jean Houston’s you tube titled” Baffled No More” where she encourages us to put aside last century ideas, thought habits and fears in order to reveal our true potential. We are under a spell of fear, sadness over the many problems we perceive yet its the very problems that stimulate and stir up the creative fires we all possess. She encourages us to come up out of this cultural haze of fear and do something. She reminded me that many positive changes are occurring. This film is one example of how folks are making a difference for us and for this beautiful, beloved place we call home, one forest farm at a time.

Last year I offered three classes on Healing In and With Nature that focused on concepts of renewing our partnership with nature. My Native American elders taught me that nature has the answers for us if we but observe, listen and follow her lead. These classes went well and I will post 2016 schedule. I was interviewed by Stacy Zankin at WESU, 88.1 FM, here in CT in December. We discussed the concept of the holistic nature of the earth and us. We are governed by the same principles.

My Book, At the Garden’s Gate, brings up the issues of nature spirits, intelligent presences that guide us if we are open to them. It is my hope that I can be a part of creating bridges between the science with the mystical. There is an intelligence in nature that we can work with in cooperation. I am excited by these farms and their regenerative gifts. Hope is not lost for what they contribute will affect the next seven generations in positive healing ways.

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Enjoy. Judith


Sharing is caring!