Sustainable landscaping conserves resources: This site highlighted has great ideas. Unfortunately I cannot easily download their videos. They are well worth the watch. They share and design gardens for city spaces, rooftops and generally think outside the box.

1. Water: using drought resistance grasses, plants such as many meadow land plants require little to no watering. Vermont Wildflower Farm offers many choices for each region of the US.

2. Plants such as yarrow, mullein and dandelion are soil builders and repairers.

3. Consider edible shrubs: add ligonberry, cranberry, blueberry to your landscape.(see previous posts) They add color, require sunlight but once established need little or no fussing and the results are worth it.

Sustainable landscapes help conserve water, build and/or repair soil and can provide food. They create wildlife habitat supporting the many beautiful diverse species that surround us.

Simple tips for spring gardening. What garden projects are on your wish list this year?

Have you considered taking old pots, an old chair,  a dresser hanging around and re-purposing it for the garden? Share your pics, send me your ideas. I would love to pass them on. We are so creative and innovative, aren’t we? I delight in the creativity expressed in our gardens.

Enjoy. Judith


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