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Description: Soil fertility depends on the symbiotic relationships between plants, species within the soil. It’s crucial to understand what’s present in the soil and what’s not in order to produce high-quality nutrient-dense food. Meet Kris McCue leader of the Hartford, CT Bionutrient Food Association chapter.

The BFA: “We propose to provide growers the information, relationships, and markets for higher quality food. We propose to provide eaters the information, relationships and sources for higher quality food. We propose to provide food purveyors the information, relationships and consumers for higher quality food.”

It all begins with soil fertility. Join us for an informative discussion and practical tips for growing healthy soil.

About my guest: Kris McCue is a home-gardener who got her first job at the George Hall Organic Farm in Simsbury at the age of 13 where she learned the difference between great tasting organically grown vegetables and the conventionally fertilized ones her family grew in their own garden. Kris has been committed to learning all she can about soil health and human health for over 30 years. Kris has been a chapter leader for the Bionutrient Food Association since 2015; she continues to learn and share all she can about soil health and biologically available nutrition

Podcast Transcript  #9 Kris McCue

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