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I came across this project through the university where I teach. Two graduate students traveled the country interviewing folks who followed their AHA! moment, their dream.

So I ask you and I today: Are you following your passion? Your dreams?

I can only speak for myself that yes I am. I got off the retail wheel and created a simpler lifestyle which works for me. I pursue teaching which I love and writing which is why I started this blog.

The folks who created this film journey have a book too.

Plants, understanding which ones are edible and medicinal has a been a passionate focus. Writing about them now is a necessary step, a transition if you will. This planet offers such a variety of plants, that support us on so many levels and support a wide variety of specie, too. We are a part of this place as this place is a part of us.

Dreams, understanding the nighttime landscapes that have taken me to fantastic places and deeper understanding of who I am, have also been a passion of mine. I hope you enjoy this trailer. I hope that maybe there’s a bit of a spark that kindles your passion, keeps it going, stirs it up, pops into your day in a way that is renewing and cannot be ignored.

“The Impossible Dream” was the song we chose for my high school graduation. I do not think dreams are impossible but rather dreams remind us of the possible.

Go for “it”…


Sharing is caring!