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Nikki Sivestri, a food activist, executive director of Green for All in Oakland California is a passionate speaker and reminder of food unavailability in areas of our country. She speaks of “building allies” and defines this concept as allies” who protect from harm and create the future“.

Protect and Create.

Positive words, change our focus from sadness and anger over the complex food issues we face today and  thrusts us into positive thinking about community, can we work together to solve these  complex problems. She states: “Strong social movements come from strong relationships”. Other speakers at these TEDX talks Manhattan spoke of innovative efforts in  many and varied ways:

1. Education: we are passing information about food policy issues at the speed of nanoseconds

2. Artists: Matt Moore is a farmer in AZ who created picture fields of crops; his photography captures the growth cycle from tiny seed planted in the ground to full mature plant. His videos are viewed in supermarket and schools.

3. Renewing new movements like meatless mondays

4. School teachers changing their school’s food programs, one by one

5. Edible schoolyards

6. Chefs are changing menus

7. Some politicians do care about crafting food policy that ensures quality food for all of us. In a previous post I highlighted the work of Chellie Pingree, Congresswoman from Maine

Many food pioneers are taking inspiration and putting it into action. Together, much like the feminist movement, civil rights protests, we can bring in the changes we long for.

Protect. Create. Community.

Do you have a project, an idea, food related you would like to see happen? Next week I will be posting two interviews, vastly different in content, from two folks working on changing our perception of plants and food purchasing. See you then.

Enjoy. Judith


Sharing is caring!