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I am always impressed with the opportunities for ideas to grow and prosper today. So many students, home inventors are getting a chance to see their dreams manifest. Many provide practical solutions to some of our pressing problems. Today’s  post focuses on a couple of perspectives. Watch a video where two students have devised a more practical cardboard packing box. Want to have more edibles in your yard? See what offers. Lastly, New York state puts out a handy list of easy and practical tips. Check it out. Which ones do you put into practice? What would you like to begin?

1. Great new invention for cardboard packing box.   2. Treehugger does it again: Six edible perennials to put in our garden that will reproduce and provide food year and after year.

3. What is your state offering in the way of tips for Earth Day? Here’s what New York suggests:

NEW YORK STATE EARTH DAY TIPS Fifty Ways to Help Our Environment!

Earth Day is almost here. We are creative and inventive and sometimes it takes adversity to bring the best out of us whether beginning a social movement like earth day or devising a solution to an environmental problem.

In my household we stopped using plastic bags to line our in house container for emptied cans, plastics and paper. That reduces our use of plastic bags in one container by at least 5 per week. Bins can easily be washed out if need be and our recycle company for pick up doesn’t mind our recyclables loosely tossed in. In fact plastic bags jam up their machinery at the recycle plant.

Conserving now has some great tips for reducing plastic bags too. states:

“Plastic bags. People use nearly 1 trillion plastic bags each year, and unfortunately, many of those end up ingested by sea turtles that mistake plastic for jellyfish. Remember to bring a reusable bag for food (including vegetables) and other shopping and save a life!”

Let me know a favorite home tip you practice that saves resources. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Enjoy. Judith

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