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I have been away teaching  holistic health. Once home I began another class on Nutriion Science. In my travels I reflect on the fact that many of my students have no idea the complexity of our agricultural system. We discuss obesity and its many factors. We look at the fast food system and count the number of ingredients in one fast food entree. Many are astounded by the number of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup in so many foods. Healthy eating isn’t just choosing organic foods or at the very least fresh fruits and vegetables. How many of them carry pesticide residues? Is our food linked to autism, diabetes, cancers? How is the food grown? does Monocrop agriculture really work? How come we don’t highlight or demand to have more information on the countries making changes and refusing the corporate press?

Now we are faced with the implications of genetically modified foods. Here is another TED talk about how gene’s are used in food industry and the dire implications. The Organic Consumers Association , Cornucopia Institute continues to educate us on what we are not being told. They also look at the science of these issues and we can weigh the pros and cons. I hope you will give them at least a look and hopefully your support.

Enjoy: The Gene Revolution and the Future of Agriculture.

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