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This video is short and sweet with easy tips to apply in everyday life.

I have been more conscious about using a water bottle with a filter to decrease my use of plastic. I line the inside of my trash barrels with the $.99 bags from the grocery store that can be washed and reused. I use them when taking trash out to the outside garbage cans. That one change in my habits decreases my use of plastic in the house  and the need to buy kitchen plastic trash bags, which saves me at the grocery store. Its only a matter of time before they are banned.

The Earth Policy Institute reports that many cities and towns are banning the sale of plastic bags at the checkout counters. Is it an inconvenience? It is because many of us have grown up with them as a part of our daily life and we are used to this convenience.

I also recently heard from someone in the recycle collection business that plastic bags mixed in the paper, can, bottle bins clogs the equipment, causes damage. Solution: bring them to the collection bins at the supermarket or if you have a local transfer station see if they have a drop off spot. Many transfer stations have places to drop off clean plastic bags.

Tapped is an eye opening documentary about the problem of plastic bottle manufacture and waste. I highly recommend it. Do you know how many towns and community aquifers are seriously depleted when the big water companies tap their water source? I didn’t. The site highlighted offers a free viewing.

Any suggestions? What are you doing to reduce plastics in your household? Let’s share our ideas. My next post will look at water sustainable ideas. Thanks and enjoy your day.


Sharing is caring!