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I am so inspired by the work of this Institute and their vision. Posing challenges with the intent of looking for nature-inspired solutions creates innovation from the most unlikely of species and functions in nature. Jeanine Benyus asks these questions: How would nature solve this? How does nature optimize energy usage? How does nature create multiple functions?

She leaves us with these thoughts:

  • “The best ideas may not be ours.”
  • Life runs on sunlight and wastes nothing.
  • Everything is upcycled.
  • We are a very young species. What would happen if we saw ourselves as apprentices?

My podcast guest this week, Erika Harrison, principal of Eco-Tone Advisors and president of the Board of Directors for the Biomimicry Institute, ignited my sense of curiosity with her passion for the innovation and possibilities this Institute generates. She reminds me how intelligent nature is. As Jeanine says, “If we could quiet our clevermind”, what wonders would we witness and what solutions could we create? I highly recommend their website. Many challenges are explained and how nature provided solutions. Inspiring. Provocative. Engaging. Timely.

Enjoy and please share. Your comments are appreciated.


Sharing is caring!