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Description: My guests this week, Paul Pribula and Julia Rogers, members and volunteers with Joshua Tract Conservation and Historic Trust here in Eastern Connecticut share the geographic developments and benefits of land trusts preserving woodlands, watersheds, and more for future generations. Joshua’s Trust is the largest in Connecticut, protecting over 4000 acres within fourteen towns.

“Generous landowners who donate conservation easements to Joshua’s Land Trust are inspired by many things: they love Eastern Connecticut, they feel connected to their land, and they wish to leave a legacy of protected land for future generations. This inspiration is at the heart of our work to permanently protect valuable natural resources here in northeastern Connecticut.”

About My Guests: Paul Pribula is a re-tread music educator (band and orchestra), application systems programmer/analyst/designer, and recently retired as a senior project manager and VP at RBS Citizens. Subsequent to moving to Connecticut from the south side of Chicago, Paul became an avid hiker, backpacker, whitewater kayaker and snowshoer, which led to a great respect and need for the forests and rivers, which in turn led to a 15 year stint with the Willington Conservation Commission and an associated interest and developed skill set in GIS mapping technology. He is now GIS mapping team lead, Board of Trustees member and VP at Joshua’s Trust, a Land Trust Alliance accredited land trust dedicated to preserving natural landscape through collaborations with landowners and our communities.

Julia Rogers is a master’s degree candidate at the University of Connecticut, and a volunteer at Joshua’s Trust. At the Trust, much of her work is focused on using geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance the regional planning capability of the Trust. She also works with interns from UConn to update trail maps and management plan maps. Julia is currently a member of the Mansfield Conservation Commission, and a high-value volunteer for Joshua’s Trust, assisting with GIS mapping and training, UConn intern coordination and supervision, and is currently drafting our 5-year Strategic Land Conservation Plan document.

Transcript:  #15 Julia Rogers

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