Description: Trees need us, we need them. The Arbor Day Foundation’s, Alliance for Community Trees, helps community tree planting efforts through funding, fostering connections between groups and support. Because 90% of American live and work in towns and metropolitan areas, the need for local action is greater than ever. The Alliance for Community Trees helps those areas affected by natural disasters to replant trees: what’s best after a flood, a hurricane. Meet Dana Karcher, Program Director, for this grassroots program, advocate for trees.

About My Guest: Dana Karcher is a program manager with the Arbor Day Foundation in Lincoln, Nebraska. She works with community planting and advocacy groups across the United States assisting in building their capacity, networking, and providing resources for their success. Dana’s had an 18-year career in Community Forestry working with municipalities, nonprofits, utilities and other entities assuring that trees are sustainably used to grow and change cities and towns throughout the country.

Podcast Transcript: Transcript Dana Karcher 

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