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Dream Symbols: The Library

I had a dream fragment, something like a foggy remembrance that seemed to be in a library. While I don’t remember any particulars, I felt positive when I woke up. Why? Libraries are one of my favorite places to visit and get writing done. When I lived in Fauquier County in Virginia, I needed to use the library Wi-Fi services as my home was in a rural location, and the streaming was spotty. The local library had a comfortable study room. I will always remember that particular library because it’s where I fleshed out my first book. At the Garden’s Gate. Here, I could focus on one project in front of me for a set amount of time. I feel good when I complete the task, whether edits or new content, free of house distractions. You know what I mean: Should I get the laundry done? Stop for a cup of tea, answer more emails, or go down the rabbit hole of emails before I get to it.

It’s the ‘getting to it’ that can easily be put off.

Libraries also are filled with rich meaning, both literally and symbolically. Books hold all we could possibly be searching for, and more are added every day. New discoveries and old ones. Ancient and modern, books are containers, priceless vessels held in libraries free for our perusal.

Some of us cherish the smell of books and want to hold them in our hands, and there is research that supports the value of that experience. We comprehend more. While the younger generations are adept at e-readers, there are many ads and other distractions, so what do they retain? I do enjoy the convenience of my Kindle, especially for travel. I have traveled a bit and remember stashing away a couple of books to keep me company along the way and how they added more weight for me to carry around. EReaders make it easy for us to travel with any number of books all in one device. Today I see so many folks reading on their smartphones, smaller devices that are easy to tote.

For me, libraries hold possibilities. I can travel anywhere, feel the impact of another’s journey, delight in a whodunit, and so much more. Books have been friends, too, coming into my life through synchronicity. Way-showers for growth, self-awareness, and understanding. Since I am actively writing books, they are a place for research, new knowledge, or at least someone else’s perspective I can reflect on.

One of the most appealing libraries I have been to is Norfolk Public Library, CT, located in Northwestern, CT. Wooden lofts with arching hallways and stairways, music, and events enveloped in one woman’s gift in memory of her parents in 1889. Rich in architectural details and warm like a glass of oaken-aged wine, my imagination flourished as I walked between the stacks or enjoyed an art show with music playing from an upstairs balcony.

Do you have a favorite library? Do libraries inspire you? Sweet dreaming. Judith

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