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The Kingfisher

Halcyon days entered our language sometime in the 14th century, referring to a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The use of this word has its roots in an ancient Greek Legend.

Halcyon and her husband Ceyx were married in a Greek ceremony. Shortly after the marriage, her husband left on a voyage where he drowned. Deep grief and longing kept Halcyon pacing the shores, looking for him. She threw herself into the ocean to be with him when she knew he died.

The Gods were moved by her love and devotion. So, they turned Halcyon and Ceyx into kingfishers. They symbolized peace (think of the expression: Halcyon days) and prosperity. They also symbolize love.

Kingfishers mate for life, both incubating and rearing their young. They also live by the water, dive for fish, and make a clacking type of sound which, once heard, becomes easier to identify them.

During these hot summer spells, the river calls. I sit under dappled light while breezes come and go. Here the humidity feels less. Today I sat near a small river dam. I heard the first one and then saw a second kingfisher follow. They resemble a blue jay a bit, some with blue wings.

When they come into view, again, not always an easy bird to see, I think about relationships. The joint effort it takes to be in the flow of a partnership. Raising and rearing young is no easy task, but when we work together, the load is lighter.

Have you ever seen a kingfisher? If you are reading this today, I propose that the kingfisher is here before you. What does this bird mean to you? Are you thinking about any relationship today, and if so, how can this beautiful water bird give you a clue? For me, I think of a solid relationship, a positive partnership, a mature one. And the Kingfisher reminds me of the value of such a mature relationship. They are a positive omen for me. What do they mean to you? I would love to hear from you.

Sweet dreaming. Judith


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