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The Heron
While reading down by the river, the corner of my eye caught movement. In-flight large wings maneuvered through trees and landed on the opposite bank, mid-way down on dead branches. The empty limbs, a perfect perch, allowed those of us who noticed a chance to gaze upon this river bird. Grooming and sitting, observing and grooming, all in harmony with its nature.

There are many types of herons. The smaller ones are not so easy to find. The blue heron, with its long length when flying, its curved neck, and its large wingspan, causes us to pause when we chance upon it. I know I do.

I’ve met  folks along the way with the heron as a totem and feel drawn to the symbolism of the heron. What comes to mind? Connected to marshland and rivers, they are waders. So, though they fly, they are connected to the earth and water. With longer legs, they can wade a bit deeper too.

Before I completed this blog, I went back to the river. Surprised, a pair of herons flew in front of me, going down the river. Again, it’s unusual to see so many, but here they like our small rivers

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews characterizes them as symbols of self-determination, self-reliance. And their graceful flight speaks to their wonder and nature. They demonstrate great balance standing for long hours as they observe, waiting for the right moment to catch their prey. In older traditions, the heron was thought to be a message from the Gods and conveyed great psychic ability.

In Navigating Your Dream World, I talk about the elements. Earth, the ground, and air, thoughts, say to me that my thoughts in those moments are in flight, but when stopped, they are grounded. Grounded means they are not flighty, at least for me, when I am present to the now.

Though mostly a solitary creature of the marshlands, I have seen two or three rookeries high on dead trees where there are conservation measures.

So today, the heron is before you. What does the heron mean to you? Do you feel this creature as a symbol has a gift for you today? If so, how do you see the heron and its characteristics applied in your daily life? I enjoy your comments. And as I mentioned, it’s enough to give thanks for their presence. Sweet dreaming. Judith

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