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“I have an excellent idea – Let’s change the subject.” The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

The other day, a cottontail sat quietly and still nearby while I sipped tea and sat with the sunrise. I was quite surprised at how close she was to me. She brought to mind going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. The first character she meets is the White Rabbit, who hurries and can be late. So, I decided to hop into the energy of the rabbit as a symbol. for this week’s post.

Cottontail Rabbits are plentiful around here. These furry little critters also cross my path on the walking trails in town. Since they are one of the most common prey animals, I wonder about the predator populations. I have heard from hunters that when we see many prey animals, they help predators survive and bring back some kind of balance. By nature, then, they are very fertile, with 4-6 litters per year. So when in the wild, what do you observe?

Rabbits are found in children’s literature and are pets. From Brer Rabbit to Alice in Wonderland, rabbits appear in myths and legends. What does going down the rabbit hole mean to you? Could rabbit holes be symbols of gateways and portals? Which folklore rabbit do you connect with, and what reference could they have to your daily life? The White Rabbit is always looking at his watch and seemed anxious, maybe a reflection of a busy life.

Rabbits hop and jump, and for those with this totem, remember that many ideas can hop and jump in and then out. It requires an instinctual effort to grab what feels right and then let go and look in another direction or hop into something else. Fertility is often related to creativity. If a rabbit has hopped into your awareness today, what creative ideas or projects can you turn your attention to? Maybe Rabbit reminds you that you are very creative, a confirmation of a gift or talent. Since rabbits appear on the different trails here, being here in this location this spring and summer is proving to be a very creative time for me.

Their offspring are very tiny when born, one ounce. They stay with their mom for twenty-eight days and then are kicked out. Twenty-eight days speak of one moon cycle. In the Chinese astrological calendar, they represent one of the significant signs, and folks born under this sign are considered very creative and artistic. And have a connection to the powers of the moon.

So, how does the rabbit speak to you? What could the rabbit as a totem mean for you?

As Lewis Carroll reminds us: “It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” The dream I had last night, playing with symbols, enriches my day and stimulates, changes, deepens my perspective so I am not the same as yesterday. Pretty cool, right!.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your comments and stories.

Sweet dreaming. Judith


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