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Dream Symbols: Books

Books have always been a part of my life; a bibliophile for sure. They continue to teach me, bringing solace, wisdom, courage, and adventure while living a full life. I enjoy a cup of tea, a fire burning on a cold night with a good book in hand.

When the harmonic convergence occurred in 1987, I had no idea that my dream gates would open in ways I cannot describe. Not only were the dreams inciteful, prescient, invigorating, puzzling, and mysterious, but the podding I received from them at night spurred me to seek the more.

So I put out some requests: to learn more about herbalism, to learn more about dreams, to learn more about my Native American heritage, to learn more about metaphysics. And somewhat dramatically, doors opened, books rushed in, connections were made, and dreams came true.

Pretty wild, right? From

“Books are more than just a collection of words and pages. They’re an immersion into a world of possibilities. They have the power to transform your life, break down barriers, and get you to see things from a new perspective. The value of books lies in the fact that they can inform, educate, and entertain us all at the same time.”

Reading takes us into different worlds with their sometimes different perspectives. Good historical fiction transports us to a period of time with facts as we know them. We feel the era, see the clothes, smell the fields, and hear the sounds of airplanes or crying.

Poetry turns the world upside down and gets us to reframe the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Fictional stories let us peek into other’s lives and ask questions. Why did they do that? How can this problem be solved? Why did the story end? I want more. And some move us into our imaginations and other worlds. Who can doubt the impact of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and our Superheroes on our media world and imaginations?

So today I ask you where do you like to travel through books? What importance do they have in your life? Do you still enjoy reading a print book, or do you love swiping through readers?

I have immense respect and appreciation for authors,  graphic designers, and the inspiration and collaboration that goes into creating content and forming a book. They have added wisdom, direction, and friendships and taken me out of this world just like nighttime dreams do.  So give your favorite author a hands-up, a like and a comment today..

Sweet dreaming. Judith

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