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What does the Cardinal dream symbol mean?

The other morning, I sat on my patio, enjoying my tea and the cooler air. A bright flash caught my eye as I was reading. A fire engine red cardinal flew into my tomato plant pot and proceeded to eat. I waited till he was done and then got up and looked at what caught his attention and palate.

I had placed some crushed eggshells the day before in my veggie pots. Tomatoes get hungry fast, and crushed eggshells add some nutrients. Sure enough, the cardinal chomped on the eggshells.

What a nice surprise this morning. I sat about five feet away from this pot and bird. My presence didn’t seem to bother him. He gave me an opportunity to be in the moment. Then I had to reflect on what this could mean to me.

I learned a wheel of truths from my elders. In their system, red symbolizes faith and trust and speaking the truth. I usually remind myself to grow faith and deeper trust when this beautiful red bird flies across my path, and this morning was no different. How do we grow faith? A ponderous question for sure, as it means different things to each of us. Trust is closely linked though trusting can be tricky. And that includes trusting our inner voice. How well do I listen to my inner voice and trust it? I know I’m getting better; a work in progress, they say. When I do, synchronicities abound, and that’s where the magic comes in. For more details about the medicine wheel of truths and red in particular, check out my first book: At the Garden’s Gate.

Cardinals have a distinct whistle that is easy to identify. Females join in, which apparently is unusual in the bird kingdoms. Some say they remind the feminine nature to be more vocal. I am finding my voice more strongly through writing. Each of us is unique in how we speak, and how we give voice to the wholeness of us out into the world.

Ted Andrews, in Animal Speak, reminds us that cardinals eat a variety of insects and could ask us to look at our diets more carefully. I know I did. I realized I had cut down on eggs. So, I made sure to include them in my diet over the next few days.

Cardinals also stick around through all seasons. Twelve months and their eggs hatch in twelve days. Not a coincidence, I’m sure. I have come to trust these seemingly simple glimpses as offering something more. So within these few minutes, I pondered faith and trust, speaking my truth, the number twelve, a one-year cycle, and lastly, made a diet change.

So Dear Friends, I ask you: What does the cardinal mean to you?

There is so much to be grateful for. Sweet dreaming.



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