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The Eagle

Once I started recording my dreams, various animals and critters showed up. Since I was also keen to learn about animal totems from Native American Traditions, my curiosity peaked.

One day, as I studied animal totems, a crow flew by, and I felt it answered a question for me. That felt pretty cool! Eagles and crows showed up in my dreams too. Whether daytime or nighttime, these majestic birds enchant us. And if in a nighttime dream, they often carry messages.

My friends in that community shared many stories about when an animal appeared and what it could mean for them. Birds of prey are protected, and the native community values each feather they find and often feels that the particular bird has a message for them. And they believe that since the eagle flies the highest of all birds, they can reach the Creator, receive messages, and bring them back to us. They are often connected to the Sun.

Do you dream of flying? Soaring like an eagle is breathtaking. Do you live near water where eagles tend to build their aeries? A FB friend of mine does, and she takes beautiful photos of them around the waterways nearby. By sharing her pictures, we get a glimpse of these birds: Are they perched? Are they fishing? Are they riding the air currents? All questions I ask myself if and when a critter captures my attention.

Eagles mate for life and take good care of their offspring. Legend has it they build their nests up high to stay out of our reach, yes, the human reach. They represent committed partnerships and families, and they build sturdy homes, have strong talons, and are known to be fierce predators.

What else do you understand about the eagle? How does the eagle reach you and maybe teach you? Do you feel the eagle has a deeper message for you? And how about conservation? Where are they protected? Have they made a comeback in your area?

The eagle represents our country, so in that way, the eagle is pertinent to us as US citizens. They are protected, and we can be fined for holding or hunting eagle feathers and other birds of prey.

Dream symbols, whether in the night or catching us during our waking hours, offer a bit of mystery and magic. I know they do for me. So do you dream of eagles?

I enjoy your comments and stories. Sweet dreaming. Judith


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