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When I discuss the metaphor of what is outside us is in us with my students I often point to the local stream in town or at least make reference to it. I then ask them would you drink that water? Garbage clutters the river sides and it is polluted. Usually I hear ughs and loud choruses of, “of course not!”

So many of our waterways are polluted. When I drive by the countryside here I see garbage everywhere which includes the small streams nearby. Why? Why are we so disrespectful to this land or at the very least so unmindful of our actions? The waterways  of the earth are like the veins and waterways of our body. We continually pollute ourselves with fake foods which we know creates an acid environment and biologically an acid environment can open the door to disease. We throw our factory waste and our package waste with little thought to the consequences for ourselves and our future .

Water is one of the four key elements every ancient culture respected. As we pollute and expand without consideration for the elements of this place we call home we diminish an incredibly valuable resource. Without water we can perish in as short as three to four days.

Did you know women can heal the water? I am sending you an article ( Women Walk to Heal the River.pdf) today on Ojibwe women who started a water walk to bring healing to the rivers in the center of our country. Historically, at least in the Native American culture, many support the notion that women take care of the water.  Folks can join them along the way too.

We can make a difference one step at a time. This story is so inspirational and  relevant to the power we carry as an individual and when we join together.

Dear Readers, I hope you will give thanks today for our water.

In gratitude,  Judith

Sharing is caring!