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Description: Sara Daves shares a heartwrenching yet incredible story that demonstrates how unexpected life events shape us. Together we talk about how we can learn, grow, thrive, and become more through seemingly incomprehensible circumstances. I can’t tell you more except to say that Sara is articulate and clear about her journey.

Today she is an Intuitive Purpose Coach, helping clients to clarify their true life’s purpose so they can step into their authenticity and manifest the magnificent life that is waiting for them. She relates the depths of her programs and encourages us to be daring, step into the unknown. Don’t wait.

Sara is also a conflict resolution facilitator, helping others resolve their internal and external conflict at the core so they can heal their wounds and experience supportive, loving relationships.

We are in a time of social unrest, seeking solutions to centuries-old paradigms that need to shift for the benefit of ourselves on this planet.

Inspiring and wise, I encourage you to go to her website and check out her programs:

Transcript: Sara Daves 


Sharing is caring!