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Have you ever wondered what that weird nighttime dream is telling you? Or the reoccurring one? Do you fly and love the feeling? Need a solution to something that has you stumped?

Our dream time is a vast, unexplored territory that takes us to new lands, other world beings, guides and family that only wants the best for us. Dreams speak in symbolic language. However, we are not taught to ‘crack our own code’ so to speak so we can understand and learn from them.  Dream Navigation is my program of learning to do just that!

Hi folks, my second passion is working with dreams, whether nighttime or daydreams, all are important. I have paired up with Solstice Strategy Partners to offer an online course…

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Navigating Your Dreams

Fall Session: Sept 11, Sept 25 & Oct 9, Oct 23

Daydreams and dreams while we sleep are a powerful way for us to tap in to our intuition and listen to the voice within.  Our dreams can bring us answers to important questions, solutions to problems, creative inspirations and even warnings.

In this 4-part workshop, dream expert and author Judith Dreyer, MS will teach a variety of techniques for remembering our dreams and capturing the guidance that each dream brings.   Participants will come away from this experience with more clarity about themselves and an amazing new tool for continued self-discovery.

This is a 4-part online class that meets every other Monday evening from 7-9pm EST and follows a workbook that was designed and written by Judith.  All participants will video-conference in to this live class.

I look forward to hearing from you. Judith

Sharing is caring!