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Visited the Book Club bookstore this week at the owner’s new location in South Windsor, CT. Several of us met, self-published authors, to catch up and share ideas We are all members of APSS, an organization dedicated to helping us sell more books! The subject of videos came up. I shared that I found Karen Cioffi-Ventrice, very helpful. She offered a book trailer opportunity I took advantage of at the right time. After all, we are authors, writers, and have to learn all about book marketing which can be overwhelming especially when it has not been our respective fields of study.

So how do we do it? Well, we are members of APSS, an association that offers many benefits, monthly webinars and face to face meetings. We have formed quite a network here in Ct. I find it helpful and supportive.  APSS has chapters all over the country too.

We chatted, found out what one of our members has accomplished as a screenwriter. One woman writes in the young adult genre. Our fearless leader, Dan Blanchard, keeps us going by encouraging get- togethers so we can learn from and help each other as we go where former authors have not gone.

So a special thanks to the Book Club and Dan for getting us to connect and inspire.

Would love your comments. Enjoy. Judith

Sharing is caring!